SB 8.2 Gun [w/Rasta Deck]
‘Rasta Gun’

8′ 2″ Length
25 – 1/2″ Width
4.8″ Thick

Despite its SUP like dimensions, the high performance design of this bulky gun achieves a solid balance between stability, speed, & maneuverability.

Increased buoyancy and a generous width allow for heavier and/or less experienced riders to feel the thrill of the normally unwieldy Gun design’s speed.

Big Short Board Quad fin

Big Guy – Short Board [Quad Fin]
‘Ultimate Mush Leaper’

6′ 2″ Length
22 – 3/4″ Width
3″ Thick
14″ Nose @ 12″
16 – 3/4″ Tail @12″
56.4 Volume

This is my most popular board that is constantly requested as a custom.

This is a blown up shortboard for bigger or heavier surfers who want to just go off!

This board easily catches waves and is responsive on the turns. The Big Guy – Short Board comes in a round pin to roll into turns earlier making it do so more quickly than a squash. The rails are tucked under which makes this board more maneuverable; it will not catch a rail or bog down either.

Board can be made in any size requested up to 9′ Long x 24-1/2″ Wide x 4″ Thick for a 275 lb. surfer.

Big Wave Gun Quad fin

Big Wave Gun [Quad Fin]

7′ 6″ Length
18 – 1/2″ Width
2 – 1/2″ Thick
10 – 1/8″ Nose @12″
11 – 1/4″ Tail @12″
37.2 Volume

Much more maneuverable than a 3-fin thruster

Guns and Semi Guns are Joe’s area of expertise. Having shaped with the Master Dick Brewer for 12 years, is it any wonder why?

Riding these boards in bigger surf is what it is all about!

The difference here is that these boards ride smaller than conventional guns because Joe shapes very soft rails into the catch zone and puts an accelerator right under your feet at the sweet spot. There is a slight concave in the nose and an extremely slight double barrel concave through the belly of the board. The secret to making these gunnier boards turn is moving the fins up further.

When you have shaped and ridden as many boards as Joe has , you figure a few important things out along the way. With proper rocker and fin placement you can make a bigger and thicker board fast and loose. That puts you right where you want to be.

Board can be made larger for nailing those epic bombs.