Killer Quad Setup Glass Fins


JB1 Fins (150lbs or less)
JB1 Fins (150lbs or less)
JB2 Fins (155lbs – 175lbs)
JB2 Fins (155lbs - 175lbs)
JB3 Fins (180lbs – On Up)
JB3 Fins (180lbs - On Up)


Glass fins are much thinner and foiled better; which makes the board faster, smoother, and turns hella quicker.


I strictly use the “Future Fin System” and all the fins are made of fiberglass. I have a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate any weight class. Come in and check out the JB1, JB2, or JB3.


My Quad Fin setup is more unique than the 3 – Fin, because of it’s greater selection of fin sizes.


Some people like mega punch, others like it a lot looser or anything in between. Longboards are incredible as a quad setup as long as fin placement is proper. I have been shaping quads since 1981 with concave bottoms. Guns and semi guns are unbelievable as quads; move the fins further up and your 7’6″ will turn like a 7’0″.


These sets of quad fins sell for $85


Get yours today and you will enjoy surfing more and start ripping like a pro.

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