Custom Made All Carbon Big Guy SUP Paddles

SUP Paddle
SUP Paddle

These paddles were designed with a bigger blade and much stronger shaft for the Big Guys. It is also long enough to accommodate the height of 6′-9″.

I also have paddles for smaller guys, women, and kids. The blade is smaller and the shaft is more flexible which is forgiving for people with shoulder issues.

Hard protective rubber cover around the edge of blade and going up on the shaft 4”. This mostly protects you from injuries and protects the blade and the rails of your board from dings or paint chipping.

If the grip is a brighter color, then you can see it better when you lose it in the surf zone.

I can also add a grip where your hand rests on the shaft and this has longer lasting gripping power.

100% All Carbon makes it durable and stong!

Get yours today and you will enjoy surfing more and start ripping like a pro.